My First Deviation

I was eager and a little timid, but after lots of thinking about it…

Yesterday, I joined DeviantArt (after so, so, so long of reading stories and viewing art on it). And just a few minutes ago…

I submitted my first art piece! Click here to see it!

Admittedly, I was a little nervous, because I tend to compare myself to others and think, “Aw, look at what they did. I’ll never be as good as them.” But after a few minutes of staring at the computer screen, I decided to share a photo I manipulated in Photoshop. I used it as a cover photo for my Facebook page for a while, but decided to share it with the world.

Not only that, I chose to let people buy prints of the photo if they wanted. I was so excited and nervous! It was my first piece on DA, and I was excited to start sharing my artwork.

But not everyone likes your work, and that’s okay…but it’s always disappointing to know someone doesn’t like it, and that’s okay, too. It just means I haven’t found my crowd yet.

I’m also nervous because people can buy the photo if they want to. What if I should’ve waited to make something people can buy? If they did buy it, what would they use it for? Would they try to pass it off as theirs?

Maybe I’m overthinking this. After all, I just joined. No need to get ahead of myself, right? 🙂

If you made a picture, or any form of art, would you let people buy it or just admire it?

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