2016 Halloween Girl

For anyone who has viewed my 2016 Halloween card, this girl should look familiar.

Graphite pencil on sketch paper.

With these sketches, I was practicing drawing poses from different angles, as well as whether her cloak would look better with or without sleeves. You can draw a lot of emotion with just how you tilt a character’s head, or where the eyes are looking (if they’re open).

Even though the final card was composited and animated in After Effects, I had originally wanted to draw out the whole card, like in 2-D animated shorts and films. But I was running out of time to learn the 2-D animation software, so I drew the girl and scenery in Illustrator and Photoshop and added the effects and movement in After Effects.

Here is the final card, so you can see how these sketches turned out in the end:

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