Main Character – Color

The main character of a series of novels I am writing.

Drawn and colored in Adobe Illustrator.

I have many sketches of her in pencil and black-and-white, but I wanted to see how she would look digitally.

Out of different costumes and outfits I have tried on her, this is the one I am considering for her “main” attire. Yes, I am aware that the neckline of the vest is not centered, that is the style of the vest. Her pants don’t have any details either, because this is only a rough idea of what her outfit will look like. (Although, I’m still not sure if I want the sleeves to fade to transparent towards the cuffs, or to make the whole shirt white and not transparent.)

Her name is a secret for now – even she doesn’t know who she is! – but she is a student and ward of a powerful sorcerer. Hence, the ball of light in her hand.

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