How I Feel After Auditioning

Just a quick update after a few hours of singing and speaking.


I just submitted my audition for Chrono Trigger the Musical.

This is exciting! I’m simultaneously exasperated with and proud of myself. You see, the auditions began back in late August, and while I wanted to submit something, I kept telling myself, “There’s no way you’ll be picked. You’re not good enough.”

Sadly, I almost believed that voice in my head.

But then this past week, I started thinking that it might not be a bad idea to try anyway. Even if I’m not selected, it would still be fun to audition. Plus, how many people can say they auditioned for a musical about a popular video game?

Around 2:30 today, I began the audition process: read the guidelines, look over the different characters (there were 16 female/gender neutral roles I could choose from), choose my favorites, and record myself saying their lines and singing a song.

I wish I had more time! But I didn’t start recording until around 3-3:30ish, and I had to get everything ready by 10PM tonight! (The auditions are due at midnight Central Time.) Recording sounds easy, but you are only given a maximum of three times to recite the lines, so you have to make sure your reading is good. A reading is when you say the character’s lines, but with a different emotion or take each time. So, you might read Character A’s lines like they are happy, but then read it again when they are bored, or hyper, or like they are on a roller coaster. It’s a lot of fun, but definitely takes a lot of practice.

Not only did I have to read lines, I had to record myself singing a song that matches the preferred range for the character. Ugh, my throat hurts now from hours of singing. At least I learned I’m an Alto/Mezzo/Low Soprano. I just can’t hit really low notes very well or very high notes very well. That made singing certain songs tricky: I could either sing well but not record it well, or I could make a nice recording but might have a couple slip-ups.

And me being the overachiever I can sometimes be, I sang a different song for each of the five characters I auditioned for. I’m a little upset I could only audition for five people instead of all sixteen I could have done – but at least I pushed myself to try. Honestly, I’m just proud of myself that I did something even though the critic in my mind kept bothering me not to do it.

That, and that the audition file FINALLY uploaded for me to send off with one minute to spare!

One thought on “How I Feel After Auditioning

  1. You should never be your own harshest critic. You and Veronica have that in common and I think both of you are talented people who should always go for it. You, my darling daughter, are also a procrastinator which is something I also wish you to break free from. Just think of how much more you could have practiced and refined your audition recordings instead of rushing to get it in at the last minute. Love you buddy but want to see you thrive, be bold, unafraid, not self doubting.


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