Moodboard – Main Character

When I took a programming for designers class at college, most of our assignments involved creating a moodboard, which is a place for you to put all of your creative ideas. It can include images, sketches, words, textures, anything that will help you with your research. Not everything you put in a moodboard will make it into the final product – but it still may have an influence over how the final product will look, so you keep it.

So, last year, I started making moodboards for different characters of mine, to help me conceptualize how they will look in the different stories and art pieces I’m working on.

Before I show you art for the character, I thought I’d share the moodboard I made to help me organize my thoughts and ideas. Some of these I chose because of the colors, others I thought were nice patterns, and others had interesting silhouettes or clothing pieces.

**Note: the coloring looks a lot nicer on my computer, but look supersaturated and bright here. Also, none of these pictures are of my creation; I copied them from different artists and designers that I like to help me form my own outfit. If you want to see the original art, you should visit DeviantArt or Creative Market (the two websites I used).


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