Inktober/Artober Day 3: Ample Home

of crystalized sugar
orange, lime, lemon
with frosted panes
of black icing

of licorice
black strands
reaching up
to the ceiling

of baked cookies
scent wafting
through the air

of gumdrops
multi-colored gems
soft and springy
made for rest

The house
of feast
tall, welcoming
belonging to
Ambrosius Ample

I chose to submit a poem instead of a digital art piece. I learned this list-based style in community college. This style helps me visualize scenes and people and write concrete details about them. (All the food descriptions made my mouth water. lol)

Ambrosius Ample came to my mind while I was studying creative writing at community college. He loves baking, cooking, and making candies, and he always makes sure his family, friends, and neighbors are well-fed.

Originally, he was going to live in a house made of sweets, similar to the witch inĀ Hansel and Gretel. But in the world I had created for my books, there was not much justification for why there was a huge candy house in the middle of the village, especially when Ambrosius’ shop and restaurant are both made of regular construction material. So, this is more of what his dream house would be if he could make an entire house out of food.

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