Inktober/Artober Day 5: Kelly


Kelly is an outgoing princess with magical powers. I’m still working on a backstory for her, but she probably won’t appear until later in the series, so I have plenty(ish) of time to give her one.

I knew last night as I was working on this that I wouldn’t have it done in time to submit on 5 Oct, but I wanted to get it to the best I could get it. Plus, I kept falling asleep at the computer so I needed extra time to work on this.

This is another dress design that I bought, but from LifStrange this time. I ran out of time to add the jewelry, but I love the golden leaf earrings that come with this dress! My favorite design element to draw was the bow-belt and over-skirt. My favorite part to do for this whole piece was the shadows. I’m still new at shading, but I liked making it look like Kelly was sitting on a wall of sorts.

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