February Challenge: Day 2 – Universal Love

February Challenge: Day 2: Universal Love by HazelRose3637

This took me about 3-4 hours to do. Most of it was making decisions between a couple things I wanted to do with the colors or details.

I did not make the three galaxy textures that I used; they came from Design Cuts and Design Bundles. I also have design resources for jars and mandalas/chakras, but I really wanted to practice making my own. The chakra here is the same one from my Crown Chakra:


But I did tweak the outer beads, removed the outlines, and made it white. Since it was going on the bottle, I tweaked it to make it round like a label. I also played with the color gradients for the jar and the steam/mist forming the heart.

I chose the Northern Lights font because it is one of my personal favorites, it has a fun, whimsical feel to it, and it was the very first design resource I ever got :love:

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