Changes Are Coming

Hey, guys!

I’m not going to have a Challenge entry ready for tonight, but hopefully two will be ready tomorrow. So in place of an entry, I wanted to discuss a couple things.

When I first started this blog, I had the intention of posting at least once a week (not including the Story of the Month blog) and splitting part of the site into a store. I have had a couple sales, but mostly I have not been advertising the store as much because I do not feel as if I am in a place right now to have a website store. I will still offer commissions and individual projects, but I need to update my services and products before I can feel comfortable opening any kind of store or online service.

It has also been a struggle choosing stories for the Story of the Month with enough time to make a decent post. I have definitely missed a few months and almost been late with others. Therefore, I decided instead of showcasing a story every month, it will be when I have a post ready. That way, in case I have more than one idea in a month, or it takes me a month and a half for the next one, I will have a post I feel proud of.

I also have had several creative projects on the back burner for several years that I really want to finish, so I will be using monthly challenges to get me into a consistent creative rhythm to complete all the books, animations, and pictures I have planned.

From what I learned doing Artober and NaNoWriMo back to back, however, is that pushing myself too hard to submit something each day as “proof” that I am working hard is physically, mentally, and emotionally draining. So if I ever miss a day, it just means that what I am working on is not ready yet. I will post as frequently as I can, but I also need to put my health first so I don’t get depressed or sick like last time.

Thanks for reading and understanding!

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