Get to Know Me!

My love of stories began when I was a little kid. I suffered from terrible nightmares, and my parents told me to share the bad dreams with them so they could “get rid of them.” But I didn’t want them to have awful dreams either, so I changed the endings of the dreams to be happier, sillier, less disturbing. And it worked. I stopped having nightmares.

From there, I started writing and illustrating cards and goofy stories to share with family. Eventually, I joined fanfiction websites and honed my writing skills, and I would doodle the same character in my notebooks to help me study for classes.

When I started community college, I had in mind I would study International Relations: everyone’s story is important, I felt, and I wanted to provide a voice for the poor and oppressed. It wasn’t until I was about to transfer to university I decided to double-major in English-Creative Writing. Ultimately, I graduated with just a major in Creative Writing, with a minor in Global Studies.

I continue writing, drawing, and designing, bringing various stories to life.

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